location: National Forest Park> Beautiful Wulingyuan> JinbianStream

      Brief introduction of Jinbian Stream:
      The scenic spot of Jinbian Stream is located in the northeast of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, 5.7km long in total, gaining its name for passing Jinbian Rock, one of the “top ten sceneries in Zhangjiajie”.
      Jinbian Stream is between peaks on the banks, towering trees, mountain along the water, water rolls and mountain spins, wave flaps rock like ringing hoop. There are sceneries of Jinbian Rock, Pishanjiumu, Wenxing Rock,Zicao Pond, Qianlixianghui, Zhonghuan Tree, Camel Peak. Generally people travel in Jinbian Stream for 2.5-3 hours, along the way is the most beautiful boundary of Wulingyuan. Passing through the mountains and valleys, the stream is clear, waxed and waned, little fish swimming.
      Flower and grass are fresh and beautiful, birds and warbler are twittering, people in Jinbian Stream walk along the clear stream like traveling in the painting, which is honored as “one of the most beautiful valleys in the world”.