location: National Forest Park> Beautiful Wulingyuan> Huangshizhai

      Brief introduction of Huangshizhai
      Huangshizhai is located in Wulingyuan area, Zhangjiajie, Hu’nan. As the saying goes, “if you don’t go to Huangshizhai, you waste your visit to Zhangjiajie”, which shows the status of Huangshizhai among the sceneries of Zhangjiajie. 
      According to legend, in Han Dynasty, Zhang Liang was disillusioned with human society, resigned official post and lived in seclusion. He got besieged by officers and soldiers when he traveled here. Later he got out of danger with the help of his master, Huang Shigong, so he called this Huangshizhai. It looks like a giant lion far away, and thus it’s also called as Yellow Lion Zhai.
      It’s located in the middle part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a huge mesa about 1080 meters above sea level, the area of the top is 16.5 hectares, which can be said to be the most beautiful viewing deck of Wulingyuan. Climbing the natural large viewing deck, looking ahead, countless peaks and pillars, jagged and tall, making a figure, densely, forming vast mountain forest, making people thoroughly delighted and happy. 
      If there is continuous sea of clouds, mountains are like wearing white gauze, disappearing and reappearing, misty, constantly changing. Major tourist spots: Liuqige, Zhaixingtai, Mist ocean and Golden Turtle, Tianshu Baoxia, Tianqiaoyidun, Houshuaidianbing, the Southern Heavenly Gate, Heicongnao.